A blogless island

A few times a year we find ourselves on a blog hiatus. We never know when it will start, or how long it will last, but we inevitably always end up in a period free from the ever reaching tentacles of the blog world. And we enjoy this time immensely. Like one would a vacation. In fact, we see ourselves sipping cool drinks with mini umbrellas during this time away from the blog. We sit and muse jokingly about the one food source we would choose if were to end up stranded on this blogless island, until of course, we realize that we miss home, and that our vacation has gone a little too long. So we pack our things, and head for home. And now my dear reader, our vacation is over, our fingers have found their place again atop these crisp white keys, and we’re home. Until the next vacation, enjoy this run of posting.

About michael

evoke photography is about sharing something lasting, not just through our images, but through our lives as well, our hearts, and our character.

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