Michelle & Morad – Palos Verdes Engagement Session

It was a perfect day in Palos Verdes where I met Michelle & Morad for their engagement session. We had already rescheduled twice due to crazy weather over the last couple of weeks, so it was a beautiful afternoon for a photo session. I love the natural beauty of the settings Michelle chose. She had wanted something close to beach, but not on the beach, so I wanted to focus on the views and some of the different coastal features. I found a few treasure spots (the yellow flower field and the “lumpy grass” as Michelle and I called it) where we really just played off of the light and what was happening with the setting. There was something in these settings that just seemed to call out, that begged to be expressed. Maybe the best way to explain would be to say that the moments make the images, not the photographer, and so it’s just a matter of being in the right place to capture it.

18.JPG 22.jpg

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7 thoughts on “Michelle & Morad – Palos Verdes Engagement Session

  1. Oh wow..probably one of the best sessions..what I like was that each element, down to the flow in the curls of her hair and the curves of her body to the blades of the grass were captured. Even his dark hair, which I think sometimes can get lost in photos, shined. Fantastic job..wow.. God knew to let you guys wait to capture this..it will be SO meaningful for the rest of their lives.

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