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Lanette & Thomas

We started with pictures at the Biltmore Hotel and got some great shots, and then moved to the Cicada Restaurant just down the street for ceremony and reception, which had a very moody art-deco setting. The light was perfect for most of the day, which made for some fantastic pics. One of my favorite pictures from the wedding is this first picture of Lanette. Enjoy!












Empowering Lives

As some of you have heard, Emi & I are going to Africa at the end of this month with an organization called Empowering Lives International.
We’ll be photographing at several villages in Kenya, and working within several of the orphanages that E.L.I operates.
We’re so excited to be part of what Empowering Lives is doing in Africa, and we’re even more excited to share our trip with you!
You can read more on E.L.I

Empowering Lives

Followup: So we’re back, and we had an amazing trip! We know that its difficult to relate to an experience without being there, but we hope that our pictures speak to that. As a major part of our trip, we interviewed almost 50 Kenyan’s to understand the direct need that individuals face on 5 major issues; Health (including AIDS treatment), Nutrition (basic food needs), Education, Employment, and Family Care (including Adoption services). As a result of sitting face to face with these people, were blown away with how simple many of the needs are, and how easily they could be remedied if they only had the training, the encouragement, and the funds. On the flip-side, this is part of the reason we were so excited to work directly with E.L.I becuase they truly are empowering the lives of these people on the most basic levels of human need. We encourage you to be a part of their ministry by donating finacially, supporting through gifts, or sponsoring Orphans directly in their care. We know this sounds cliche, but trust us when we say that even $5 goes a long way for an orphan, or a mother, or a farmer. Everything you give will directly effect the lives of the people in these photos! Find out how you can help. – the link at the bottom of the new page allows for giving directly online.

Thank you for all your support, and prayer during our trip.
Scroll down to see a few of the photos that we took while in Africa, and be sure to check back for an update with a LOT more pics! We’ll post an online gallery of our trip. Enjoy.