Monthly Archives: August 2008

A little trip to mexico.

So this is how the story goes. On our honeymoon, we bought a timeshare, which we were actually not so stoked about when we got home 10 days later, however it’s turned out to be quite nice. We wanted to take a mini vacation so we shot down to Mazatlan for a few days last month to check things out. I would still advise caution when considering a timeshare (especially on your honymoon), but some of them are actually pretty amazing. We had a really relaxing time, and we’re already antsy about going down again. Enjoy.

05_mazatlan.jpg 06_mazatlan.jpg
07_mazatlan.jpg 08_mazatlan.jpg
09_mazatlan.jpg 10_mazatlan.jpg
11_mazatlan.jpg 12_mazatlan.jpg
13_mazatlan.jpg 14_mazatlan.jpg

A slow day in Santa Barbara

A few months ago we headed up to visit our good friends Kris & Cori in Santa Barbara (remember them, their wedding was in Breckenridge Colorado). I have to tell you that I am thoroughly jealous of their beautiful beach style bungalow. It was such a joy to relax with them, especially with Kris’s homemade sangria and avocado spread. Here’s a few photos from the weekend. Thanks again for having us up guys! We’re down any time!

03_santabarbara.jpg 04_santabarbara.jpg
05_santabarbara.jpg 06_santabarbara.jpg